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To use the Facebook ID lookup tool, enter your Facebook username in the box to the left. Your username is whatever appears at the end of the url to your Facebook profile. Want a Facebook Page ID instead? Enter the username you chose for your page, which also appears at the end of the URL to your Facebook Fan Page (ex: http://www.facebook.com/IMNinjas). Or, go ahead and enter your full profile or page URL in the Facebook ID search form - we don't mind.

Do you have Like buttons on your website, and want to optimize how the accompanying stories appear in a user's newsfeed? If so, you need to implement Facebook's Open Graph meta tags to tell Facebook what information they should use to generate each story. Most of these tags, like og:title, og:image and og:sitename are pretty self explanatory - but what exactly is fb:admins and why do you need it?

The fb:admins and fb:page_id are open graph tags whose purpose is tie a user or a fan page back to a social plugin. If you put your Facebook user ID in the fb:admins tag, then Facebook assumes that you are the owner of that like button. Likewise, if you elect to use fb:page_id instead, anyone who is marked as an admin or insights user for that fan page will be the people associated with your Like buttons. So why is this important? To see the data in Facebook's own analytic service, Facebook Insights, you must specify to Facebook that you are an administrator or Insights user for those Like buttons. Since Facebook doesn't provide users with any Facebook ID number search functionality, we created the Facebook ID finder to provide you with this numeric ID so that you can properly link your social identity to your website.

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