Newsletter: December 2012

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from December 2012.

Top Industry News
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SEO Tip of the Month

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's the holiday season! Which means if you're in ecommerce land, you've spent all year getting your SEO ready for this season. The holiday season is all about execution and watching your, and your developers, hard labors pay off. Your SEO efforts this season should be focused on promotion - across all major channels: SEO, PPC, Social, Email, and beyond. SEOwise, this is a perfect time to have your link development in full swing - seasonal content does amazingly while the net-o-sphere is abuzz with holiday cheer, take advantage!

  • Create a seasonal content piece that is relevant to your industry and promote it.
  • Tailor your social media strategy editorial calendar to include some holiday flair and engage in the buzz.
  • This is a great time to push specials across the social communities you've spent the year developing, reap the rewards.

In The News
Google Announces Google+ Communities

Marketer rejoice, it is about time that Google added this feature! Communities gives you a way to connect to gather all of your interests in one place. According to Google, this may include:

  • Public or private membership to support all kinds of groups-from topics and interests to local neighborhoods to regular poker nights
  • Discussion categories to find the conversations you care about most
  • The option to start hangouts and plan events with community members
  • The ability to share with your community from any +1 button across the web

Check out the video from Google.

Check out what people are saying at Webmaster World.

Google Updates This Month
  • Knowledge Graph Expansion on December 4
  • *Google knowledge Graph is goin' international to include more languages
  • Panda 22 on November 21
  • Panda 21 on November 5, 2012

Great End of Year Read

I've been in overdrive on my SEO reading lately I thought I'd share some awesome content from 'round the web that's definitely worth cuddling around the fire with.