Newsletter: February 2012

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from February 2012.

Top Industry News
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SEO Tip of the Month

No one will disagree that free tools are absolutely awesome! We just recently released a Keyword Density Tool. It is a fun simple tool that can definitely lead to valuable insights on how well optimized your content is for your most valuable pages.

Generally speaking, you should have at least a couple hundred words of unique body copy aka 'spider food' for any page that you're looking to optimize.

Another important thing to keep in mind is how many keywords you're targeting: for each page, you should only target one 'primary keyword' and several 'secondary keywords', that are powerful variations, synonyms, and related phrases to the primary keyword. Remember, search engines are very good at understanding of synonymy and are building a strong understanding of natural language, so including all the relevant language to your targeted phrase in your copy is important to increasing the relevance of your page for a specific keyword group.

The Keyword Density Tool lets you look at all of these subtle but nevertheless important factors. You can see how much text overall you or a competitor have on a page and the tool breaks it out for you as hyperlinked text and non-linked text. You can also see a breakdown of one word two word and three word keyword phrases on a given page, so you can see how deeply optimized your landing page is for a particular set of phrases.

So, how well optimized is your homepage? ...what about your strongest subpage beyond your homepage?