Newsletter: October 2015 SEO Tips

A copy of our SEO Tips newsletter from October 2015.

These small <title> tweaks can help you rank better

Most of the time, websites create their meta <title> templates and forget about them. Meta data is an easy thing to change and an easy thing to test if its working. A small tweak here can help your rankings for primary and secondary terms targeted on a page and maybe even your CTR's

1) Do you include the same keyword twice in your <title>, try a synonymous phrase

2) Are the same keywords heavily repeated across pages? Try to introduce a new <title> template to vary things up. If you're not sure, try our crawl tool to crawl your site and see patterns across <title>'s

3) Are there any dynamic elements you can add to your title to make them more unique? One example is adding price or including counts of data.

Other Thoughts:
+ Make sure that your <title> is not the same as your page title <h1>

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