Newsletter: November 2015 SEO Tips

A copy of our SEO Tips newsletter from November 2015.

Get a slice of competitive term clicks, without #1 ranking

When most websites focus on a key high volume high CPC term, they focus on a homepage or key landing page getting to position 1 in Google. Many websites forget to levergage universal search to target that same term. Universal search are results where Google blends search verticals such as video, images, and local results. Are you taking advantage of universal search to rank for your key terms?

1) Use gliffy or smart art feature in microsoft office to create visualizations for your blog posts and optimize the alt text and caption. If you already have charts and visualizations on your site, optimize those for Google image results.

2) Research the 10 biggest informational queries (or commercial queries that also may have an informaional intent) in your niche and create informational videos about them.

3) If you're an ecommerce site, test creating video buyers guides for your top categories and top products and optimize them for video search.

4) If you target a location, optimize your Google Local listing by adding more than one image of your space - users may see them when they hover over local results on desktop. Don't lean on just Google Maps and Google Maps Street View to represent your business!

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