Newsletter: November 2013

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from November 2013.

A lot of remarkable industry news has been published just recently, the dominant trend being that mobile is not just growing but actually replacing PCs. Alongside this, new ad technologies are making positive ROI more attainable, but the growth in the ad industry is paralleled by growth in ad fraud. Let's get to the news then!

Top SEO Industry News
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In the News

Android is growing market share at Apple's expense ... and Windows Phone shipments more than doubled y-o-y! (hattip Barry Schwartz / SEL)
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Microsoft is funding startups who will build apps for Windows Phone, and in combination with the unit shipment growth, it looks like a promising field for early adopters to build a name for themselves.

In parallel, younger consumers are often purchasing without going through their computers at all.
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The trend isn't just Western... Chinese consumers are also buying lots on their mobiles, including buying phones on their phones.
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Related to Chinese mobile consumption, there are a variety of holidays marketers can tap - many Asian - for sales boosts year round.
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Moving on to ads...

In a shocking report, Ad Age gets the inside scoop on publisher arbitrage. Advertisers buying cheap traffic... you're not even getting what you paid for. Learn more

New ad-tech: You can retarget companies by IP rather than device and cookies. This way you can reach the accountants, secretaries, lawyers and perhaps even the multiple managers you want.
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Recent Google innovations include mixing social data into ads and shifting around how it reports call conversions in Google Analytics:
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Speaking of analytics, here's the common sense way to resolve "not provided." In short, look at what pages are getting traffic from Google, see what they're optimized for (i.e. titles, h1 etc) and then check rankings.
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But we're getting sidetracked here... back to ads: Bing are offering free holiday kits for agencies to learn, build better client relationships and more:Learn more

Finally some miscellaneous news and tips

SMX West session pitches are open:
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A fascinating read from Hubspot - make your marketing a useful service and perhaps customers will seek it rather than avoid it. Marketing as a service they call it in the conclusion...
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Curious if anyone has applied that in practice, besides for your standard content marketing?

Hubspot's post is focused mostly on Netflix, and it's easy to see why that company's inspiring: they hog the web
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Once upon a time Compete showed that Amazon captured about 1% of traffic that searched on Google... but the above point on Netflix is even more remarkable. There's rich social commentary to write about the priority given to entertainment in our lives, but I was told to write a business newsletter so you'll have to write that commentary yourselves.