SEO Tips: May 2017

Integrate Lost Link Equity Checks as Part of
Post Site/URL Migration "To-Do's"

Have you migrated a good number of URLs on your website recently? Or perhaps you've moved to a new domain entirely? Or switched over to HTTPS? If so, then a great post-migration check and “to-do” is to grab your preferred backlink data and find opportunities for re-claiming lost link equity that might have occurred during the migration.

Take your most up-to-date backlink data export and run it through a bulk header checker, like the one IMN offers here and see if any of the URLs on the site with backlinks pointing at them go through 302 redirects or if they return 404 (Not Found) status codes

If any of the URLs return 302 status codes,the fix is easy - revert the redirect to a 301, making it permanent and re-claiming all that link equity. If any of the URLs 404, investigate. Did the URL previously exist and never got migrated? Can it be republished and redirected? If so, you'll reclaim that link equity as well.

Make sure that any migration of URLs or domains involves a check for lost link equity - you don't want to lose visibility in search engines due to a hard-to-see technical mistake.


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