Newsletter: May 2016

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from May 2016.

This month we've been hearing a lot about mobile phone optimization a lot: They say, desktop traffic is dying but it still converts much better (Most probably poor conversion optimization on mobile phones is to blame though)... If you haven't yet made your site mobile-friendly, there's no excuse to wait any longer. In other news, Google has recently sent a lot of penalty messages for "unnatural outbound links"... If you are partnering with any prominent bloggers, keep an eye on their traffic for any signs of penalties. If you are a blogger yourself, make sure all the affiliate and sponsored links are nofollow. To monitor industry news, don't forget to subscribe to our blog (and request the free competitor report while you are there).

Top SEO Industry News
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  • Mobile Browsers, Desktop Converts
    This week’s title refers to a startling revelation by Google that 67% of mobile shoppers convert on desktop... Read more
  • Getty vs Google, Long Tail Rants, and More
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  • The Fall of Desktop, Unnatural Links, and More
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  • Answer Your Customers’ Questions and Get Inspired with This Cool Tool
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