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How one little question can create 10x better copy
- so easy you'll try it today

Have you ever wondered what it is your customers cared about most? I know I've felt torn between touting different benefits in my copy.

No longer.

There's a simple solution to this dilemma - ask your customers to write your copy for you. Here's what to ask:

"If you described this service to a friend, how would you phrase the benefit? What's the value it provides?"

Look for the patterns in the responses you get and you'll know which benefits matter and which do not.

If you read The Advanced SEO Book, you might recognize that this is also useful for keyword research. Look at the words customers use to describe your service - that's what you need to rank for.

Of course, this is just one example of how listening to customers benefits you. If you sit down and talk with them, or get them to at least fill out surveys (less good, but better than guessing), you will understand where they're coming from.

What problems do they struggle with? That's what you need to solve. What demographics characterize them? That's who you want in your hero images. What are they not willing to pay? That's what you shouldn't charge. (As opposed to asking what they will pay, because people have no idea in the absence of context, and say they'll behave differently than what they'll really do. But it's more likely that if something is too expensive, their refusal in theory will carry over in practice.)

You get the idea. Get out of the building, ask for some time and get chatting!

Here's to your success, and until next time!
Gab Goldenberg, Ninja