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Top Industry News
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Springtime has FINALLY come to the northern hemisphere. Those of us in the northern United States can finally breath a sigh of relief and defrost. OH! and it's March Madness.

SEO News

Panda Everflux

After Two Years, Google has announced that they will be integrating the Panda Update into the algorithm and therefore will not be announcing Panda Updates anymore. According to Search Marketer Barry Schwartz, refreshes will be less severe and noticable to SEO's. The other interesting tid-bit is that the updates pushes will be real-time and not manual, my guess is that will also make them harder to pin down.

Bing To Offer Authorship

This has definitely been the big news in Webmaster World over the last couple of days! It appears that bing is is now showing image thumbnails of authors pictures next to snippets! In a later article on Search Engine Land, it was posited that these are not really author images but rather 'subject' images, which means that the referent is not something that an author wrote but if a given piece of content is about a subject, such as wikipedia article, the image will appear next to the snippet. I was not able to find any information on what the official word from bing is, but this is definitely a topic I'm going to be following.

Help Documentation for Hacked Sites

Google has released a fairly robust and informative help section for hacked sites. It has lots of useful content and videos for hacked sites, with all the information separated in order of steps to hack recovery. Definitely worth bookmarking, just in case your site falls victim to hackers.

Enhanced Campaigns

Unless you have been living under an SEM rock, I am sure you have heard of and researched this big Adwords change. The reaction to the change ranged from exictement to apathetic, meaning did not change any anything, to frustration at devices handling. Here are some great articles covering enhanced campaigns:

Social Media News

LOT's of news in social media marketing this month. Here are some of the big stories I have been following:

Pinterest Releases Analytics

For all of you data Nerds, Pinterest is finally going to provide you with analytics. YAY! You will now have insights into how people are interacting with pings that originate on your site. One way that this can be used is as a great engagement metric for blogs and infographics, which in conjunction with other metrics will definitely be sure to prove useful over time. According to the article on reuters on the topic, this will lay the groundwork for monetization of pinterest.

Twitter Updates AdCenter

The big scoop here is that twitter has made several upgrades to its ad center based on customer demand. Changes include updates to Twitter Analytics, that include cool new features for campaign reporting. Now, no matter how your campaign is set up, you as the advertiser will have a very clear understanding of how tvarious audience segments engage with a promoted tweet based on a number dimensions including gender, location, interest, and device. Very cool!

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