Traffic Tip: March 2016

Generate Quick but Steady Traffic from Quora

Quora is great for establishing your personal brand and authority but it also works well for generating traffic to your site by adding value to the community!

Here are the steps:
  • Search Quora on a related topic. Use these tips to expand your search
  • Find interesting questions but focus on those that have just a few (or no answers)
  • Open each question in a new tab and note how many people are "following" the question
    • Note: People who follow a question on Quora will be notified by an email when there's a new answer: That's your future audience!
  • Craft a detailed article answering the question and publish it on your site (In case you already don't have one)
  • Answer the question in much detail linking to your article where you elaborate further
    • Use Quora formatting and embed images within your Quora answer: Make sure your answer adds value!
  • Publish your answer on Quora and see people visiting your site!

Make Quora part of your weekly blogging routine: It will help you to find interesting blog topics as well as generate some long-term traffic that converts very well!

Stay tuned for the next traffic tip coming up next month! Discover more marketing tips and hacks: download IMN free marketing resources!

Ann Smarty and the IMN Team