Traffic Tip: March 2016

Generate Quick Traffic from Slideshare Uploads

Believe it or not, you can earn traffic from your Slideshare uploads. Many people don't even realize your can make slides clickable!

Here are the steps:
  • Find an old presentation from the past event you were speaking at... More ideas for Slideshare content:
    • Put together a quick presentation using screenshots from your article or visual quotes from people you follow on Twitter;
    • Make a public version of a private case study, etc
  • Edit your presentation using PowerPoint (Insert -> Hyperlink menu)
    • Tip: You can link the whole slide if you use an image background
  • Slideshare allows clickable links starting from Slide 4, so don't bother to add links within slides 1-3
  • Use one of the intro slides to let viewers know that slides are clickable (example)
  • Publish your presentation on Slideshare and use these tips to generate views.
    • Tip: It's not hard to get your fresh presentation "featured" by Slideshare, so push your upload on social media actively the first day you publish it!

Not all your uploads will generate steady traffic but if you keep playing and experimenting, you have good chances to create alternative sources of traffic and leads from Slideshare!

Stay tuned for the next traffic tip coming up in a week! Discover more marketing tips and hacks: download IMN free marketing resources!

Ann Smarty and the IMN Team