Newsletter: March 2016

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from March 2016.

Welcome to the March edition of Internet Marketing Ninjas newsletter. The biggest news of these weeks has been the introduction of Google's "4 ads above the fold" (which we consider nothing to be too worried about). We were also talking about ranking in Google's featured answer box, the risks of automated reporting, March madness and more! Come by our blog and request a free competitor report while you are there.

Top SEO Industry News
  • 3 Tools to Rank in Google’s Featured Answer OneBox
    Since 2014 there has been a continuous debate in our marketing world: Are those Google’s quick-box results good or evil... Read more
  • What Google’s Four Ads Above the Fold Mean for Organic Search Results
    A few days ago Google announced removing sidebar ads from search results and introducing 4 ads on top of organic results... Read more
  • March Madness: 4 Lessons for Digital Marketers from Basketball
    It’s March Madness again, which means that CEOs everywhere will be gnashing their teeth at the thought of all that lost productivity and payroll... Read more
  • Mobile Mayday, HTTPS Woes, and More: Weekly Forum Update
    Google made plenty of announcements and turned plenty of heads this week. Our communities have been talking about the most pressing stories... Read more
  • Free Youtube Video End Card Templates & Tools: The Easiest Way to Add Clickable End Cards
    Youtube video end cards are custom created templates made clickable with help of Youtube annotations. The simplest way to... Read more
  • Resizing Social Media Images: Easier Thank You Think!
    You know the saying “Use the right tool for the job”? That adage can easily be applied to social media on every level... Read more