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Top Industry News
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SEO News

The summer season is upon us but the search and social industry is not slowing down! We've seen some pretty huge updates from search engines recently!

Penguin Has Rolled Out

The much anticipated Google Penguin update came on May, 22 and the next day Search Metrics published their stats on top losers.

Truth be told, even though Google had been talking a lot about that update, not many people noticed too much damage. Search marketers suspect changes are more gradual now: Google is getting smarter!

Continued Battle with Paid Links

Earlier this month Google officially announced they were after Text-Link-Ads link sellers and buyers (which kept us all wondering: Only now? Why did it take so long?)

Smartphone Search Rankings Tweaked

Most recently: Google announced changes in smartphone search rankings. Matt Cutts says these changes are approved but he doesn't know when they are really rolling out.

Structured Data Dashboard is Launched in Beta

Now Google is also inviting all of us to join their structured tool labs - Google Webmaster Tools named the Structured Data Dashboard (more emphasis on rich snippets!) If you can't rank high, at least you can stand out in search (better than nothing).

Social Media News

Facebook Page Verification

Later in May profile and page verification finally came to Facebook. The verification is done Twitter-style and there's no way to initiate the process unless you are cool enough to be invited. So far Google is the biggest winner in the easiness of business page verification process (who would have thought!)

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