Newsletter: July 2016 - SEO Tips

SEO TIP: FINALLY see Google Search Console data for ALL your sites

As some of you may know, Google wants you to have separate google webmaster tools properties for all of your subdomains, your secure and unsecured sites, AND your internationalized presences. Until now, it has been an absolute nightmare to see the whole picture when it comes to your impressions, clicks, and CTRs in Google Search Console.

Finally, there is a feature to see all your click data in one place: property sets. It is super easy to add: See googles instructions here.

Some things to note though:

You STILL have to export your latest links separately from each property, property sets is only showing total search analytics data for now - no link data yet.

Agency friends, I believe that you'll need to have elevated permissions to create property sets, so I don't think you can start combining properties by industry or anything like that with restricted access.

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