Newsletter: July 2015

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from June 2015.

This month we have an exciting initiative to share: We have started a Youtube show and a podcast! Every week our CEO Jim Boyking and Brand Manager Ann Smarty will be publishing new videos discussing latest marketing trends and giving expert tips. Watch weekly 20-minute videos to discover best industry tools and learn something new every week. Please subscribe to our blog and to our Youtube channel to never miss a single show!

Top SEO Industry News
  • Bounce Rate, Long Click, Pogo-Sticking, Dwell Time, Click-Through: Jim & Ann Show
    Is Google in any way using its click-through data? Is high bounce rate always bad? What is a long click? All of that is discussed in today’s Jim & Ann show... Read more
  • Facebook Ads, Facebook Authorship, Facebook Traffic: Jim & Ann Show
    The Internet Marketing is evolving: There are huge companies that are switching there strategies towards other traffic channels apart from Google search traffic... Read more
  • Google Plus: Is There a Future for Google Plus: Jim & Ann Show
    Welcome to Jim & Ann show and today we are talking about Google Plus! Is it being killed? Is it going to stay? What’s the future of Google Plus... Read more
  • How to Collect Leads Faster
    Never underestimate the value of an email. Email marketing has proven itself again and again to be the one marketing avenue... Read more
  • Tips Galore! Weekly Forum Roundup
    This week our communities are churning out studies, tips, tricks, and clinics of all sorts! We’ve got content tips and a clinic... Read more
  • Facebook for Business Best Practices: Adapt or Die
    Using Facebook is important for any brand. It is the largest social network on the web, and it is crucial for building your brand... Read more
  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Pinterest Business Accounts
    We all love Pinterest on a personal level, right? It is a fun idea, using visual media rather than the usual form of social blogging... Read more