Newsletter: July 2013

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from July 2013.

Top Industry News

Hope all of our US readers had a great 4th of July. Fun fact: did you know that the date of U.S independence was actually July 2nd?

  • Ted Ulle's Last Teachings on WebmasterWorld
    Every day for years Tedster was helping people in Webmasterworld. I was looking at some of... Read more
  • How To Delete An Old Facebook Account: Online Reputation Clean-up
    That's something we have to deal with often in online reputation management: cleaning out... Read more
  • Connecting The Dots: Social Media and SEO
    One thing that never fails to amaze me is when I hear people reject social media's influence on SEO... Read more
  • Leveraging Fantasy Sports Tactics for Internet Marketing Success
    For years I have wanted to write about how playing fantasy sports has helped me to be a better... Read more
  • Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Personal and Business Social Media Life Separately
    Somewhat recently I have been seeing a trend developing with professional accounts on social media sites... Read more

More Search News

It has been a BUSY month in Search and there are a lot of changes coming.

Google Local Carousel

It's here and if your website has pages that target locations without having a physical location in that area, you may be seeing less clicks. Learn More

Google Webmaster Tools Changes Navigation & Adds Search Appearance Overlay

Although the addition of Search Appearance overlay is "meh", some of the feature you know and love may have moved. Learn More

Internal Links Will NOT Typically Hurt you

Basically,you're fine to internally link however you want just don't be overtly aggressive about it. Learn More [Video]

Google Answers Common Questions About Reinclusion Requests

I think they do a great job of answering the when and whys of reinclusion requests. Learn More

Alta Vista & Google Reader Go To The Net Grave Yard

July 1st Google Reader went away and July 8th, alta vista is no more...Bye bye!

Check out this great infographic about every product google has axed.

Like it or not July 22nd is almost here

Why is July 22nd important, if you're managing adwords, you know. Everybody gets upgraded to enhanced campaigns. For those of you that have not restructured yet, it 'bout that time.

Morning Coffee Reads

Here are some additional Cool Reads From 'round the web

20 Influential Marketers Share Their Best Productivity Hack

Who does not want to be more productive? 20 of the best marketers share their secrets. Read more

How to Help Remote Workers Fit Into Onsite Culture

These are good common sense tips for remote employees to be be a strong addition to your team. Read More

International SEO Checklist

Although this is in some infographic format, lots of handy info. Read More

How I got fired from the Job I invented

Read More

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