SEO Tips: January 2017

Location, Location, Location ... and Search

One of the most important marketing aspects for a business that operates within a specific geographic niche is local marketing. It is by reinforcing the relevance between a business, its website and its physical location that the competition can sometimes get the upper hand. This can be done by registering each of your physical locations in local directories.

Only use highly trusted local directories. Being listed in untrusted directories can lead to a links-based filter on your rankings. Also, be sure to register no more than one profile per directory per location.

Be sure to use the exact address and phone number across all directories and on your website. For example: if your website lists the address to your store as 123 Ninja Ave, be sure the directories list it as 123 North Ninja Ave – not 123 North Ninja Avenue or 123 N Ninja Ave.

Google+ is a must for increasing the chances of appearing in the local 3-pack, so make that your #1 local SEO priority. Other local directories we recommend are listed below.

Local directories:

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