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Hey ,

I found a way to see the best and worst ideas of 5000 email marketers, and I'm sharing this resource with you (see link below). My name's Gab Goldenberg and I'm one of the team known as Jim Boykin's World Famous Internet Marketing Ninjas. (Very similar to the Ringling Bros Circus or PT Barnum's, including juggling firey torches, performing madman tricks with wild animals, and even death-defying feats of project management.)

In any case, I was playing around with researching a traffic source, when I observed that some internet marketers linked directly from the traffic source to their forms on Aweber. If you don't know, Aweber is an email marketing service. They sell software allowing you to collect emails into a database and send emails to those people, as well as get reports. There are more features, but that's a summary.

So what I found was that many marketers link to their forms on Aweber. What this means is that if you look at the backlinks to Aweber, you can find a lot of forms, covering all different industries and levels of form/marketing quality. This is excellent for anyone in search of a new niche, or for inspiration from other email marketers on how to make their forms better. You can also find inspiration on how to make your forms worse, so be careful what you copy.

Furthermore, you can do different segmentation on the data to find forms of particular interest. For example, you can look at those that are linked to from the most domains (find competitors with multi-domain strategies or look at their traffic sources), as well as find large publishers that are relying on this - one indicator that the form is working.

I'm sure you can think of other ways to slice and dice the data, and I'd love to hear back with your ideas about interesting relationships in the data and your explanations of them. Good feedback can get you links from the IMN blog (hint hint !).

Download the spreadsheet from this link, then have fun browsing around and finding inspiration.

To summarize, here's a swipe file - i.e. a collection of advertising / sales copy - specifically to do with email forms. It's raw, unfiltered data, so only copy something if you're reasonably sure it'll work - and even then, split test the change. This should save you time coming up with ideas for your form, as well as help you increase your conversion rate and research the competition (amongst other uses). You can thank us by sharing your ideas on interesting relationships in the data and your theories explaining them ... or of course by linking to IMN and/or forwarding this to friends and encouraging them to sign up to our newsletter for more resources and tips like this one.

To your success, Gab

p.s. Some industries covered include: forex trading, travel, personal productivity, web design, real estate marketing, religion, health, personal finance, lead gen software, knitting/quilting/arts n crafts, book publishing, business outsourcing, heating appliances, chiropractors etc.

p.p.s. Some interesting ideas I liked: letting subscribers choose what signup bonus to get (default: all 3), personalizing with a 'hand-signed' greeting at the end, including the newsletter author's face on the form, making a seasonal form, including your ebook image in the form, testing requesting only one field, having loads of affiliates or independent salesmen promote their own, personalized version of the form, indicating how many subscribers you already have...

p.p.p.s. You can use link research to look for all sorts of forms, widgets etc hosted online. How about other email marketing companies? How about form builders? Know of any other such tools/services, where researching their backlinks teaches you a lot more than just SEO?