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Happy Valentines day fellow search geeks!

Google Webmaster Tools Weirdness

Google Backlink Data Bugs

There have been some whispers around the Search-o-sphere that google webmaster tools backlink data were recently returning incomplete or incorrect results. However, it was reported this Tuesday that the bug has been fixed, so Google Webmaster Tools data is reliable again, Yay!

No More "Not Specified" Index Status in GWMT

To get you up to speed: index status is an area in Google Webmaster Tools that provides a graph with some basic information on pages indexed. One interesting feature in the advanced area of indexed status, is a feature called "Not Specified" pages. It was speculated by some search marketers that "not specified" can be used to identify pages that are thought to be low quality. Regretfully, Google has taken away this feature. John Mueller, Google Fellow, confirmed this, stating "Yep, this was removed on purpose since it was causing more confusion than actually helping webmasters with their sites." Sad face :( )

Month of Acquisitions

Twitter buys Vine & Bluefin Labs

This past month twitter acquired Vine. Vine is a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine - 6 seconds or less - force you to be creative :) Unfortunately, if you're an Android user, like me, you can't play with Vine easily. However, a new app called Vine Flow, lets you view Vine videos on Android. There are some limitations. Currently you can only browse the latest videos uploaded to the service, or search for a specific hash tag. You can't upload a video yourself, log in and view a timeline, or even navigate to a specific Vine feed.

Twitter also acquired Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company that was founded in 2008. Twitter's move into social TV also makes a lot of sense. It hired a Head of TV last fall and there's a strong correlation between people watching shows and tweeting about them.

All I can say is that I'm leaning forward with excitement for what Twitter will do with these new acquisitions :)

Google Acquires Channel Intelligence

Services offered by Channel Intelligence include "where to buy" buttons that sellers can include on their websites. Their services also help merchants to promote their products and get found on shopping search engines such as Google Shopping.

CI and Google have already worked together for years, as CI was one of the original Google Shopping launch partners, so the acquisitions sounds like a logical one.

Stay Stealthy!

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