Newsletter: February 2015

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from February 2015.

It's already into the second month of the year and there's plenty going on. Matt Cutts made a public appearance, Google is talking to Webmasters about mobile usability and making the reconsideration process more transparent. And that's just a little of what Google has been up to. In the world of social media there's plenty happening at Facebook and Twitter too. Speaking of social media, the Ninjas have some cool ideas for Tumblr and contests this month too. So join the conversation on the forums or get a little inspiration from the blog.

Top SEO Industry News
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  • Balancing Social Media, Ad Blocking and Google, Google and More Google!
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  • Thoughts from Matt Cutts and Eric Schmidt, Questions about our Complex Relationship with Google
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  • 15 Most Creative Tumblr Blog Ideas to Inspire
    I love Tumblr. I don’t have time to maintain my own Tumblr blog but browsing through others’ sites is very inspiring... Read more
  • Great Examples Of Twitter Based Contests and Campaigns
    Twitter has had some really amazing campaigns and contests that were both innovative and effective. These five examples... Read more
  • The Race to Search Engine Supremacy: A History of How and What We Search Online (Infographic)
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