Newsletter: December 2015 SEO Tips

A copy of our SEO Tips newsletter from December 2015.

Boost Assisted Conversion By Customizing Your Branded Results

Customizing your branded search results makes the journey easier for visitors returning to your site and visitors finding you through TV buys or elsewhere. Here are some tips.

1) Customize your knowledge box if you have one. You can customize your logo, corporate contacts, social profiles and more - here is a guide from google.

2) Don't have a knowledge box, no problem! You can use rel="publisher" to get a box for your search results. Here is a handy guide for implementation.

3) Customize your sitelinks - Sitelinks are the links pointing to categories in your site when a visitor searches for branded results. Although Google takes a guess at what may be valuable to your visitors, you can demote sitelinks if you see sitelinks that you do not want included. Here is how.

Conversion Resources: