Newsletter: Rumored Penguin 3.1 Refresh

A special edition of our subscriber newsletter from December 2014.

Rumored Penguin 3.1 Refresh

Over the holiday weekend it was mentioned on WebmasterWorld, Twitter, and Search Engine Roundtable that Google had released a holiday update. One of the concerns were that Google previously assured marketers that they would not release algorithm changes due to major commercial holidays.

Google confirmed Monday to Search Engine Roundtable that: "The Penguin rollout is ongoing, and this is just the effect of that."

This statement from Google suggests that the impacts noted on the holiday are the result of the Google update weeks back propagating to the websites over the Thanksgiving day holiday. One takeaway from this announcement is that the common approach for checking for algorithm changes for one day drops and associating them with Google announcements regarding algorithm changes for that day may not be effective for Penguin updates.

More Information
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