Newsletter: December 2015

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from December 2015.

Happy upcoming holidays! And we've got Christmas gifts for you: Firstly, be sure to browse our brand new marketing knowledge base. You just need to complete the form once and you can download any whitepapers, case studies or eBooks. Secondly, throughout the year we have been working hard to create videos explaining most complicated SEO issues and we now have put them together on one page. No opt-in needed, just go to this page and watch our CEO Jim Boykin discuss Panda solutions, Google updates and penalties and so much more. Enjoy!

Top SEO Industry News
  • 89% of Websites that Ranked 7 Years Ago are Not Ranking Now!
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  • 5 Extensions to Turn Your Browser Into Your Productivity Companion
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  • 3 Easy Things You Can Tune & Test That Can Help You Rank Better
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  • How to Still See and Show Twitter Share Counts for Any URL
    A few weeks ago Twitter stopped showing share counts for a URL. While it’s no huge news for the rest of the world... Read more
  • Free HTTPS, Broken Algorithms, and Phantom 3: Weekly Forum Update
    It’s been a week of most curious tales on our forums. We’ve got another Phantom update lurking in the shadows... Read more
  • The Meme Regime: A Gallery of Creativity from the Age of the Internet (Infographic)
    “The Age of the Internet”: That’s how historians will describe the era we live in. The Internet is how and where we do everything... Read more