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Top SEO Industry News
  • John Mueller's responses to my questions about Disavows.
    This morning I attended the live Google Hangout with John Mueller. I've been watching the recording... Read more
  • 4 Quick Ways To Check For Duplicate Content
    Pubcon Las Vegas is one of our favorite conferences here at Internet Marketing Ninjas... Read more
  • Want to go to Pubcon Las Vegas 2013? Make a Vine Video and Win a Pass!
    One thing that never fails to amaze me is when I hear people reject social media's influence on SEO... Read more
  • Information Architecture and the Temple of Doom
    Walking into a web site for the first time can be like entering an ancient pyramid with long unmarked paths... Read more
  • 3 Seldom Used But Powerful Types Of Analysis For SEO
    My job here at IMN can get sort of strange at times. As a member of our client analyst team I do... Read more

In the News

Google adwords keyword tool has gone away

Lets give a moment of silence to a keyword research staple as familiar as sliced bread. However, the keyword planner has you covered. Learn More

Google AdWords Releases New Combined Paid & Organic Search Report

If you have not played with it yet, you definitely should! Learn More

Matt Cutts Reiterates that +1's have no impact on rankings

Learn More

Google reports manual actions in Google Webmaster Tools

Google increases transparency by providing further information on penalty types. However, there has been some discussion about no followed links appearing in sample links. Learn More
See Webmaster World thread here

Geek Guides

rel='author' frequently asked (advanced) questions

Google provides even more info on rel="author" Read more

Geek guide to implementing attribution modelling

A long and detailed guide for those interested in learning the basics of attribution modelling.
Read More

From keywords to contexts, the new query model

Interesting article about the new query model that includes implicit and explicit aspects of queries. Read More

Found 'round the web

What would happen if I ate a teaspoon of dwarf star

Is it possible for a spacecraft to fly through jupiter?

Instagram in a nutshell

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