SEO Tip: August 2016

AT LAST, Actionable Google Search Console & GA Integration

Google has answered our calls and we can now see page data in Google Search Console matched up to page level data in GA. The new reporting is definitely worth a look if you have your Google Search Console and Google Analytics linked. If you don't have them linked - you should!

Here is a link for how to do it.


Why is this change so exciting, you ask?

You can now see organic search visitors from impression to conversion. This allows you to do a lot more adwords style analysis a lot more easily than before and without haggling and having to do matching in excel.

...but there is a downside

The downside is that you can't see the keyword data in the same one view - so you still can't map exact keywords to conversions, so this is still not a perfect solution for (not provided). With that said, it makes analyzing and segmenting your most valuable organic traffic much easier than before.

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