Newsletter: August 2015

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from August 2015.

The big news which came a couple of weeks ago is the launch of Google Panda 4.2 which is apparently still rolling because Google has promised that it will last "for months". As scary as it sounds, this means that your site may be hit by Panda and you'll have hard time identifying what hit you. With this in mind, we've created a free Google Panda whitepaper which you can request by taking this quick two-step survey. Even if you are sure your site is safe from Panda, that whitepaper will still come in handy as it lists a brief history of how Google's perception of quality content has been changing over the years.

In other news, Google has confirmed that Penguin update is not coming soon so you still have time to diagnose your links to make sure you are all set. We have made a handy video for you to do so.

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