Newsletter: August 2014

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Top SEO Industry News
  • New Google Quality Rating Guide: Reputation and Expertise Get Hotter!
    Here's the summarized adapted script of the video: Thom: We are hanging out with Internet Marketing Ninjas today... Read more
  • How To Control Your Video Search Result Listing
    Search engine result pages is becoming plain again. With author pictures going away, who knows what other rich snippet will be affected next... Read more
  • 8 Metrics for Backlink Analysis
    I often hear people in the SEO industry talk about which metrics they use. Sometimes I will hear that some swear by a given data set... Read more
  • So, What’s The Right Time To Tweet?
    Successful tweeters become so because they learn to carve out a following, big or small, using what works best for themselves... Read more
  • How to Get Out of Google Penalty Hell: With Jim Boykin
    Below please find the adapted script: Welcome to our today’s Internet Marketing Ninjas show. We are talking about Google penalties... Read more
  • Strike a Ninja Pose and Win a Pass to Pubcon Las Vegas 2014
    Around this time each year, there is a flurry of excitement over Pubcon Las Vegas. Social media is filled with details about registration... Read more
  • 3 Ways to Brainstorm a Useful How-to Video
    There are lots of reasons to add how-to videos to your content marketing strategy: Make it easier for your customer to understand your product... Read more

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