Traffic Tip: April 2016

Generate Quick but Steady Traffic from Youtube

If you have an old Youtube channel, you probably have some very old videos that still get viewed on a regular basis. Because Youtube videos rank well in Google, they can have a incredibly long life. Many Youtubers don't utilize those old videos apart from monetizing them.

Youtube has introduced some features allowing you to generate clicks from inside your videos.

Here are the steps:
  • Use Youtube Analytics to identify older videos which still get viewed
  • Find interesting questions but focus on those that have just a few (or no answers)
  • Use these tips to add clickable links inside those videos:
    • Note your channel should be verified and your website should be "associated" for you to be able to add external links using cards and annotations

If your Youtube channel is pretty new, here are some tips to start seeing some views.

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Ann Smarty and the IMN Team