Newsletter: November 2012

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from November 2012.

Top Industry News
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SEO Tip of the Month

September/ October Google Update Galore
September 27th was a big day in search, lots of movement across a number of verticals.

  • Exact-Match Domain (EMD) Update - This was a devaluation but there was also buzz about non-exact domain sites being impacted by this update for short tail phrases.
  • Panda #20 - We've moved away from the version control naming of Panda Updates and it is now just called Panda 20.

October Update Madness

  • Penguin Update 3 was released - Google tweaked the knobs on the penguin update with a small refresh impacting 0.3% of queries.
  • Page Layout #2 - Google released a change to it's page layout algorithm, which debuted in January of this year.

Google Trends Absorbs Insights for Search
Bye bye insights for search and hello new Google Trends, which includes features of both! According to Google,"..updated the line chart and map using HTML5 based Google Chart Tools so you can now load the page on your mobile devices, visualize the results without scrolling..." and more. Check out the new Google Trends here. Read more

Ninja Tool of The Month

Ninja Google Freebase Tool- This is a is a free, collaborative knowledge base that allows commercial and non-commercial users to search for cross-linked data. Google Freebase operates by pulling data from an open and shared database of the world's knowledge composed by its community members. Check this tool out here. This is an awesome tool for finding informational content ideas for link development or other promotional campaigns.

In Other News