Newsletter: June 2012

A copy of our subscriber newsletter from June 2012.

Top Industry News
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SEO Tip of the Month

Hey There! No matter what your business model or online marketing strategy is, content is increasingly becoming an important part of the onpage SEO puzzle. Also with the wave of quality updates - Panda specifically - it is more important now then ever to future proof your site, even if this means only your strongest subpages, that bring the lions share of the traffic, get new quality content added to them. Here are 3 awesome tips to give you ideas on how you can improve your site this summer.

What can you do right now?

Add Content to Your Site for Better Rankings

  • Add content to existing pages - If you have one of those sites where a ton of your traffic is coming to category pages that have no content, increase your rankings, traffic, and profits by adding some well optimized user friendly content to those pages. For maximum benefit have between 350 - 500 non linked unqiue words on at least your top 50 subpages. (Number may vary depending on website size.)
  • Create new Pages - If you have a site where a majority of traffic only goes to a couple pages on your site (5-15), revisit your keyword research and identify new keyword opportunities to target on existing pages or build new landing pages to give visitors even more ways to enter your site.

Socially Integrate Your Site in a Way That Makes Users More Apt to Click
Social integration is one of those things that seems deceptively simple but that is often lost to web designers and marketing minds alike. Here are a couple essentials to look into and get on your list for this summer.

  • Add +1 Button to your homepage and strongest subpages - If you haven't done this, it is a very quick addition to you pages. Let visitors plus love your pages and increase your trust in Google. It will be your easiest win yet!
  • If you have a blog, allow visitors to log into facebook or twitter to leave you a comment - Doing this will make it easier for your real visitors to show you love and leave you feedback on your blog. Also, integrate social comments into you Blog. These are simple integrations and if you're using wordpress, there are plentiful plugin.
  • Don't include social icons for platforms you don't use - Like link equity, you have social equity. Focus on the social platforms that move the needle for your business or where you can hope to build a community around your brand. There are many stock widgets where a visitor can like you follow you, find you on myspace and friendster, you get my drift - don't overwhelm your visitors with a giant tool tip of every social platform invented since 1997. In order to get the most out of your website social integration, pick and choose the platforms that make sense for your brand and promote those on your site.

Diversify Your Backlink Profile
Link building is still the cornerstone of any sound off page SEO strategy, make sure that your backlink strategy is fortified against any monochromatic animals this summer.

  • Diversify your link development strategy with more natural link building methods, such as infographic and widget promotion.
  • Also, if you're eating your greens and have been doing any community building in social media and on your blog, make sure to leverage the community you've built for links, likes, tweets, and follows. The Beauty of many good infographics and widgets especially, they are evergreen, so you can promote them for a long period of time within your community to maximize their reach.

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