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The Secret to Natural Website Conversions

Kim Krause Berg has been applying Holistic Usability and SEO practices for 13 years. She discovered web site content writing and marketing is affordable, user friendly and extremely persuasive because the secret is understanding what people want and need when they visit web sites. With under five seconds to make a connection with site visitors, your web site must present value, trust, authority, ease of use, main tasks, and answers to top questions, inspire and motivate. This book explains how to decrease site abandonment and bounce rates, increase page views and conversions and send happy signals to search engines.

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Our experts are happy to share their tips and insights on the official IMN blog as well as numerous guest columns around the web. In an effort to better organize this shared knowledge, we are now creating and giving away free eBooks on various Internet marketing, web design and usability topics. This collection will be constantly expanded and updated, so stay tuned!

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